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Diverse working people, shoppers, and tourist crossing a street off Fifth Avenue in New York City where MBC Research is headquartered.

Research done right.
Every time.

What We Do

Since 1991, MBC Research has built a reputation for accomplishing the impossible, carrying out challenging research studies that have stumped other firms. With our unique team of qualitative and quantitative experts, dedicated project managers, and specialized recruiters in English and 30 other languages, we can successfully complete any assignment you have in mind, whether in the general, U.S. multicultural, or global markets.

Our vast client roster includes Fortune 500 companies, top advertising agencies, non-profits, government agencies, as well as smaller organizations with limited budgets. We have conducted research in practically every industry sector, market segment, and culture and possess a combination of skills and experience to guide any project to fruition, regardless of its complexity, timetable, geographical location or scope.

Let us share our achievements, knowledge, and capabilities with you. 

What We Do

Our Clients

(We know it's a long list, but we really love our clients and each of the projects we've worked on and couldn't leave anyone out!)

  • A.C. Nielsen

  • AARP

  • Aetna

  • Albertsons

  • Allstate

  • Almay

  • Altria Group

  • American Asthma Fdn.

  • American Express

  • American Heart Assoc.

  • Amway Global

  • Anheuser-Busch

  • Arnold Worldwide

  • AT&T

  • Bank of America

  • Baxter International

  • Bayer

  • BBDO

  • Boehringer-Ingelheim

  • Boston Market

  • BP Lubricants

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • Bromley Communications

  • Bugaboo International

  • Burger King

  • Cablevision

  • Cadbury Schweppes

  • California Milk Board

  • Campbell Soup Co.

  • Casanova Pendrill

  • CBN

  • CDC

  • Centerlight Health Systems

  • Chanel

  • Citibank

  • Clorox

  • Coca-Cola

  • Colgate-Palmolive

  • Columbia House

  • Columbia Sportswear

  • Comcast

  • Conill Advertising

  • CVS

  • DCF Advertising

  • d'Exposito & Partners

  • Diabetes Assoc.

  • Diageo

  • Digitas Health


  • Domino's Pizza

  • Dow Jones

  • Energizer

  • Exxon Mobil

  • Fannie Mae

  • Fidelis

  • Ford Motor

  • GE Capital

  • Girl Scouts US

  • GlaxoSmithKline

  • Goya Foods

  • Grey Advertising

  • Grupo Gallegos

  • GSD&M

  • Guttmacher Institute

  • H&R Block

  • Hanes

  • Havas Creative

  • HealthFirst

  • Heineken International

  • Hewlett-Packard

  • Hill Holiday

  • HNW Inc.

  • Honda

  • Huntington Learning Ctr.

  • IDT

  • Ikea

  • J P MorganChase

  • JC Penney

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • JWT

  • Kaplan Thaler

  • Kraft Foods

  • Kyocera

  • Lapiz

  • Lopez Negrete

  • Lowe's

  • Macy's

  • Mana Products

  • March of Dimes

  • McCann Erickson

  • McDonald's

  • McGarryBowen

  • Mead Johnson

  • Medicare/Medicaid

  • Merck

  • MetLife

  • Michelin Tires

  • MoneyGram

  • Montefiore Medical Ctr.

  • NBC

  • Novartis

  • NYC Board of Education

  • NYC Dept. of Health 

  • NYC Housing Authority


  • Ogilvy & Mather

  • Orci

  • Pay-O-Matic

  • Pfizer

  • Porter Novelli

  • Principal Financial Group

  • Prudential

  • Publicis

  • Procter & Gamble

  • Riley Weiss

  • Saatchi & Saatchi

  • Sanofi-Pasteur

  • Sara Lee

  • Schering-Plough

  • SCPF

  • Sears

  • Seiter & Miller Advertising

  • Siboney

  • Sierra Club

  • Sprint

  • Starwood Hotels

  • TBWA\Chiat\Day

  • The Ad Council

  • The Bravo Group

  • The Home Depot

  • The Vidal Partnership

  • Time Warner Cable

  • U.S. Navy

  • U.S. Postal Service

  • Unilever

  • USAA

  • US Army

  • Verizon Communications

  • VMLY&R

  • Vonage

  • Walgreens

  • Weight Watchers

  • Western Digital Technologies

  • Western Union

  • White Memorial Hospital

  • Wing

  • Yahoo

  • Zubi Advertising

Market research moderator conducting a focus group brainstorming

Our Capabilities

  • Advertising Testing

  • Concept Testing

  • DM Evaluation

  • Ethnographies

  • Focus Groups

  • Gang Studies

  • In-Home Use Tests

  • In-store Research

  • Mall Intercepts

  • Mystery Shopping

  • Name Generation

  • Online Bulletin Boards

  • Online Qual Research

  • Online Quant Research

  • Packaging Evaluation

  • Panels

  • Phone IDI's

  • Product Evaluation

  • Segmentation Studies

  • Town Hall Groups

  • Tracking Studies

  • Usability Tests

  • Webcam Focus Groups

  • Website Testing


  • Conversion Focus Groups

  • Friendship Triads

  • Immersion Research

  • Instant Response System

      (In-person quali-quant)

Recruitment Services

With a proven multiprong approach to recruitment, MBC Research can deliver even on the narrowest and hardest to reach targets. We combine our ingenuity and an outstanding team of recruiters —covering the general and multicultural markets— with a clean proprietary database and our exclusive "mini-probing" rating technique to secure the best respondents for your project.


Our database contains thousands of households and encompasses virtually every ethnic, gender, age, education, and socioeconomic group. We ensure its integrity by updating records constantly and even removing participants after three uses to avoid professional respondents.


We consistently demonstrate our unparalleled recruitment skills and grit. Unlike other firms, we don't rely solely on our databases, but use out-of-the-box thinking to get the respondents you need. Contact us to discuss how we can help with your project.

Recruitment Services
Ethnic Research
Collage showing people of different ethnic backgrounds, ages, gender, lifestyles

Ethnic Research

When it comes to ethnic research, we are pioneers in the industry and have become the most trusted authority to help plan and execute your project. We offer complete services, including moderation, recruitment, reporting, simultaneous interpretation, and transcriptions in more than 30 languages.

We have conducted thousands of qualitative and quantitative studies with virtually all ethnic groups across the US, including Hispanics, African Americans, Chinese, Caribbeans, Russians, Polish, Serbians, Italians, British, Germans, French, Greeks, Portuguese, Brazilians, Israelis, Indians, Iranians, Pakistanis, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Koreans, Japanese, Native Americans, Egyptians, Ghanaians, Nigerians, Thais, Malays, etc. There is no ethnic group that we cannot reach!


Our moderators specializing in ethnic studies are deeply connected to their communities and their roots. They also possess the skills and expert know-how to establish rapport and a sense of trust with each group in order to explore true feelings, attitudes and motivations on any topic, no matter how sensitive. Make MBC your go-to firm for ethnic research!

International Projects

Our research projects have taken us all over the world. We have conducted research in Spain, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, India, Venezuela, United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Argentina, Panama, Costa Rica, and Germany.


Unlike other companies, we don’t farm out our projects and expect everything to go smoothly. With a team of U.S.-based project managers, international moderators, and local MBC Research partners, you can rest assured that every ‘i’ will be dotted and every ‘t’ will be crossed.


Our international moderators have worked with us a minimum of 10 years. In addition to their flawless knowledge of their native language, they are all extremely skilled, dynamic and culturally-savvy market research professionals who are effective in any kind of project.

Image of tram in Lisbon representing international market research capabilities
International Projects

"The team at MBC Research was a joy to work with. Their hard work and quick understanding of our needs and our clients' business was nothing short of impressive. Their expertise in ethnic/culturally diverse market research puts them in a league not many other firms could compete in. "

Patrick Ratcliff

Company Directors



Mary is our co-founder, Qualitative Director and Lead Moderator. Described by clients as “best in the business,” she is a highly acclaimed moderator and consultant with more than 30 years of experience. She has conducted research in virtually all industries, targets and markets. Additionally, her work for global clients has taken her to Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Prior to founding MBC Research, she worked in account management and strategic planning for some of the top New York ad agencies. Born in New York, Mary is a citizen of the world, speaks five languages, and holds an MBA in Marketing from NYU Stern School of Business.


Peter Bio Pic.png

As co-founder and Director of Quantitative Studies, Peter is primarily responsible for quantitative study design and high-level consulting. He possesses in-depth expertise in sample design, statistical inference, multivariate analysis, conjoint analysis, econometric models and forecasting and has been responsible for many innovations in marketing research, introducing the latest advances in information technology. Prior to founding MBC Research, he worked in management sciences and strategic planning for Fortune 500 companies. Peter earned a PhD from Columbia University and completed post-graduate studies at the London School of Economics.

Founding Partners
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